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Grain By Grain Burgers

Every garden chef has their own method to cook burgers. This is an easy, child friendly and tasty recipe for your burger patties.


Chocolate Brigadiers

Brigadiers are traditionally served as a treat or side order when you go get your expresso at your local pastry shop. It can be a fun recipe to make with children.

Roasted chicken breast and sweet potato

Sometimes I struggle on Sundays to decide what to cook. I enjoy having a nice meal with the family, but getting the time and the motivation to do a full roast may be hard on the […]

Portuguese style prawns

Portuguese style shrimp is a kick of flavours to your tastebuds. Simple and fast to cook.

How to cook and check how well done is your steak

For all the meat lovers like me, getting your steak at just the right point is mandatory.

First post

Every 1000 mile journey starts with just one step.