Sometimes I struggle on Sundays to decide what to cook. I enjoy having a nice meal with the family, but getting the time and the motivation to do a full roast may be hard on the day of the week I have to rest. This recipe touches these needs in different ways. It is easy to do and you will get few trays dirty to complete your Sunday meal. This means less washing to do after your lunch.


2 boned chicken breasts
2 medium sweet potatoes
⅓ vegetable stock cube
1oo ml of warm water
Olive oil
Garlic granules
Smoked paprika


Start by turning on the oven to 170º C (fan) or 180º (conventional).

In one tray, place the two chicken breasts side by side. Sprinkle paprika and smoked paprika over them, ensuring they cover with a think layer of this red spice (the smoked paprika amount should be about ¼ of the amount of paprika used). Then sprinkle some garlic and parsley granules over the breasts (about 1 tea spoon each). Use about 4 drops of tabasco on each breast and about one table spoon of olive oil. Dilute the vegetable stock in the water and then pour this on the baking tray.

In another tray, place the sweet potatoes peeled and cut in circles (about 1 cm each). Sprinkle some garlic granules and paprika over the sweet potatoes and about one tablespoon of olive oil.

Place both trays in the oven for about 45 minutes. Every 10 to 15 minutes, open the oven to shake the potatoes tray and baste the chicken with the liquid in the tray.

Depending on your oven, this time may vary slightly.

Serve the chicken and sweet potatoes on a plate with some vegetables like spinach and glazed carrots. Pour yourself a glass of nice red wine and enjoy your meal.


Posted by Rod Frade (@apubwithnobeer)

Occupational Therapist by day. Food passion by night. Mac User. Rugby addict. All opinions here are my own.

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